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  • 2022.12.07 - Our paper "Effect of heterogeneity on interphase heat transfer for gas-solid flow: A particle-resolved direct numerical simulation."  was published in Physics of Fluids (Link)

  • 2022.10.18 - Our paper "Deposition velocity of inertial particles driven by wall-normal external force in turbulent channel flow."  was published in Physical Review Fluids (Link)

  • 2022.7.27 - Our paper "Effect of large temperature difference on drag coefficient and Nusselt number of an ellipsoidal particle in compressible viscous flow"  was published in Powder Technology (Link)

  • ​2022.6.26 - Our recent work  "Dynamic characteristics and real-time control of a particle-to-sCO2 moving bed heat exchanger assisted by BP neural network" was published in Energy (Link).

  • 2022.06.23 - Congratulations to Wu Tianyi for receiving the "Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis" and "Honorary Bachelor's Degree" titles from Huazhong University of Science and Technology.

  • 2022.05.27 - Master's student Lei Yu and undergraduate student Wu Tianyi from the research group successfully passed their defenses and obtained their Master's and Bachelor's degrees.

  • 2022.05.27 - Our work on "Flow characteristics and packing structures of dense granular flow around an immersed cylindrical tube" was published in the journal Chemical Engineering Science.

  • 2022. 2. 19 - Our work "Drag and lift forces acting on linear and irregular agglomerates formed by spherical particles" for particle turbulent aggregation was published in the journal Physics of Fluids.


  • 2021.9.12 - Congratulations to Fang Wenchao for his graduation thesis being named one of the "100 Outstanding Graduation Theses in Energy and Power Engineering in China for 2021".

  • 2021.06.01 - Undergraduate students Fang Wenchao, Zhou Xiaochen, and Yang Wenyu from the research group successfully passed their defenses and obtained their Bachelor's degrees.

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